Recorded Lecture 

How to find the places of your ancestors in Saxony

In your genealogical research in Germany you have to deal not only with the spelling of the place names, but also with the administrative affiliation of places in different historical periods, especially in Saxon history. 

The video lecture will give you:

  • important background information about the history of Saxony
  • an overview about the historical development of the Saxon area

The lecture will teach you:

  • specialities of German and Saxon place names
  • how to distinguish same place names
  • how to compare different spellings of place names
  • special features and tools for the location search in Saxony besides Google search engine

You get insights into the practical use of important search tools explained by examples.

The video includes also a quick guide for working with the online tool: Historisches Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen (Historical Gazetteer of Saxony)

The recorded lecture was part of the IGGP Conference in 2021.

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