My offers

Your research goals, my offer and our cooperation

Tell me, what you are searching for and I will help you to find it.

Depended to your research goals and the relevant archives I will build you a suitable price package.

Save you the time, which you can surely use elsewhere.

What you get:

  • regular reports regarding the current status of the research and the current order value
  • the possibility to decide whether and how to continue after each research step
  • professional support for your researches
  • research results comfortably sent to you
  • transparent invoice incl. report of the services

What you can spare yourself:

  • correspondence with different german authorities and archives
  • travel costs
  • searching for an accommodation
  • waiting long for answers and ordered files
  • lot's of important time

All personal data and information related to the order will be treated strictly confidential.

All important questions for a genealogical research (individual/family) can be summarized in my inquiry form. If you plan to hire me for research it can help you to summarize known information and to specify your research goals.

Form for genealogical researches

General guidelines for cooperation

I have summarized a few basic rules for successful and smooth cooperation in the context of contract research. They have proven themselves well over the past years.

Rules for cooperation (general terms and conditions)

Overview to my services

Research and reproduction

Online research | Library research | Archive research | File inspection

  • incl. research report with listing of all identified and consulted sources as well as research recommendations
  • incl. travel expenses for archive visits (only within Dresden)
  • incl. all formalities with offices, archives and libraries

Lectures at professional conferences, association events or family celebrations


  • Archive and online research
  • family research (genealogy)
  • genealogical research in Saxony
  • genealogical sources
  • genealogy and archive research
  • research inquiries to offices and archives

Ancestry Tours Saxony

  • Planning individual trips to Saxony/Germany
  • Visiting former places of your ancestors together with local guides
  • Support you, getting in touch with your Saxon roots
  • Discovering the former life at ancestral places of origin

Further information: Ancestry tours Saxony

Consulting, planning and assistance

  • Consulting for genealogical research and archive researches
  • Preparation of research plans (incl. source information and necessary research contacts)
  • Assistance during archive visits in Saxony (archive contacts, reading assistance and source selection)
  • Preparation and support during visits to historical sites in Saxony (tracing family history)
  • Consulting for work with archival sources for exhibitions and publications

Transcription, transliteration and translation

Transcriptions of texts from old German writing and printing scripts into today's writing scripts (German and English)

  • Translation of church book entries
  • Translation of court book entries (e.g. historical inheritance purchase or sale contracts)
  • Translation of letters, postcards, diary entries and other historical texts

The prices for the services depend on the desired result as well as the source information and depend on the scope of the services. 

You have a specific idea about how much you would like to spend for your research? Tell me your budget and I will tell you what I can do for you.

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